What now?

Hello! It’s been about two months since I officially completed my trail adventure, but it’s felt more like six months. The 5 and a half months I spent on trail felt more like two months…anyways, I want to thank everyone who supported me throughout my hike and sent words of encouragement my way. I enjoyed sharing my experience and, though it was challenging to articulate everything I wanted or feel like I could do the trail justice in simple blog posts, I hope you got somewhat of a glimpse into what thru-hiking the AT can entail. The trail is about so much more than the miles. If you have even the slightest inkling of an idea to thru-hike percolating in the back of your mind DON’T IGNORE IT! I am forever grateful to myself for following through with this goal and for everyone who helped me along the way.

I would jump back on trail in a heartbeat if it was feasible, and the time will become right for another long trail eventually, I’m sure of that. The JMT, SHT, and Camino are shorter trails I’m most interested in pursuing in the near future.

About two weeks ago I moved to Asheville, NC, which was top of my list for places I wanted to move post-trail. I am the Development & Marketing Director at a nonprofit here that helps individuals who face developmental and socioeconomic challenges live more independent lives; this is an opportunity I am really excited about. Asheville has a lot to explore and, importantly, the mountains are just a short drive away! I’ve already made my way back to Max Patch and hiked Mount Mitchell since getting here. I think (know) I’m addicted to hiking.

Happy to share more with anyone thinking about going off into the woods for a while…I highly, highly recommend it.