The Whites do not disappoint!

About 40 miles from Maine and LOVING The Whites in New Hampshire. Really feeling bummed about the end approaching. Though this whole experience is just the start. Too much to sum up in a blog post, but check out these views:

3 thoughts on “The Whites do not disappoint!

  1. atbeane

    Beautiful! Kelly ( my daughter) said she fell more in that area than during the whole trip. Be careful and enjoy this last leg of your journey. 😀 Diana & Ron Beane

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  2. tarafromtampa

    “For God commands the Angels to guard you in all your ways”
    Psalm 91:11

    Lifting you up in prayer
    Breath in your final journey to Mt.Katahdin



  3. Looks so beautiful – I had no idea. I can’t believe you are reaching the end – seems like you just started!! So proud of you and thank you for your great chronicling of the trip here and on Instagram stories. xoxox


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