This bus feels like it’s going extra fast…

Very unexpected, but New Jersey was my favorite state so far! Crossed the border into my home state and now on a bus headed into the city for a few days before hopping back on trail 😊 Mentally preparing for sensory overload in the concrete jungle. @ Warwick, New York

– Rocket

8 thoughts on “This bus feels like it’s going extra fast…

  1. Jim Keelor

    Will be anxious to hear what made Jersey #1..given that on most lists its way down there:) njoy the bright lights and the big city..better keep your walking sticks with you just in case:)


  2. stacyreichert

    Are you 100 % certain that your favorite state isn’t the one where you happen to be? You know, like “wherever you are, there you are!” kinda thing like Dr. Seuss says???


  3. Darlene Keelor

    Enjoy your friends and NY visit! New Jersey is a small state but apparently mighty for trail hikers! Love you, be safe! 👍🥰

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  4. tarafromtampa

    Thinking of you this morning

    Just saw a video on the importance of silence

    “Silence reveals us to ourselves”

    Lifting you up in prayer




  5. kathy moser

    Sydney – Kathy Moser here. I will be at Fahnestock State Park on Wednesday, July 10th. The AT goes through that park. Will you be in the vicinity? Or I can meet you in Pawling in Dutchess County. Would love to take you out to dinner or treat you to an ice cream. Hope the hike is shady; it is 93 degrees here in Albany. Kathy


    1. Hi Kathy! What a nice offer! I’m about 25 miles out from that park, so will probably be hitting it in the next two days. Any chance you would be in the area earlier than the 10th? Or we could figure it a location further up the trail?


  6. Hello, my name is Adam from ParagonTrails, and I’ve just discovered your blog! It looks like you’re having a ton of fun on your trip, and I can’t wait to go on a several month adventure like yours. Looking forward to more posts, and I’m going to go check out the rest of the website! Have fun on your trip, and Happy Trails!


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