100 days on trail!

Even though I’m technically off trail today nursing a hurting foot, it’s crazy to think I’ve been on this once in a lifetime journey for 100 days! Time has FLOWN by and I am so very grateful for every second of this experience ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m hoping this foot pain is just a minor set back (x-rays showed nothing to worry about!) and I can get back on trail tomorrow, but I’m not going to push it by any means. I want to reach Katahdin too badly to prematurely get back on trail before my foot is ready (even though all I want is to be in the woods hiking).

Oh it turns out I can’t escape hiking even when I’m not supposed to be hiking! As I was ubering back from getting an X-ray to the place I will spend the night, we came across a fallen tree about a mile out. Couldn’t move it. No way around it. No other road. Must hike there. Official rest will start now!

I thank you all back home for your continued support, and it goes without saying that I have had incredible support from the trail community as well! Here are some of the beautiful people I have met along the way. I might remember the views through the 14 states, but I will NEVER forget these faces (plus so many more )!

Onwards to Katahdin!

– Rocket

6 thoughts on “100 days on trail!

  1. Jim Keelor

    Glad you got your foot examined…can’t roll with bad wheels. 100 days..man it is going fast. Feel good foloing the surgery..back at golf:)


  2. Barbara Wolff-Reichert

    Very impressive selfies there. You’ve gotten really good at them. Jonathan andI are enjoying sharing your adventures. When Nina made a scrap book for one of o ur trips, she was able to include blog an email printouts and they made everything so much more memorable. I just don’t have the discipline to do it all the time.


  3. Dawn Landes

    Sorry to hear you’re delayed a bit, but this is also part of the journey! Even if you can’t be hiking, there’s still beauty all around, so enjoy and be “in the moment.” So glad your foot injury is nothing serious. Look how far you’ve come! So excited for you and your adventures — thanks so much for sharing with us!


  4. Hi Rocket,
    Please do take care of your foot. Overdoing it may cause further problems. I have been there so trust me on this one. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all the pics! I love your updates!


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