Pennsylvania is TOUGH!

The rumors are true…Pennsylvania is rocky, buggy, rocky, lacking views, rocky, and an overall grind. We’ve traded out challenging elevation changes for constant small, pointy rocks that hurt your feet. The northern section of the state is apparently constant boulder walking, so I hope I don’t kick myself later when I say I’m actually looking forward to that over the small ankle breaker rocks. That said, I continue to make progress and just passed 1,200 miles yesterday! I have been very conscious of listening to my body and hiking at my own pace the past couple of weeks, which means I have been floating between different groups of hikers and meeting lots of new people! Here are a few updates from the past couple of days:

I reunited with my tramily in Duncannon and hiked with them a bit for the start of Pennsylvania!

I’ve trudged through the constant rocks PA is known for.

I sent home three pounds of weight in clothes, so bought an actual book! I’ve been enjoying slower mornings reading rather than packing up right away and leaving.

I passed a trail runner who stopped and gave me this rock he painted! He said it was for good luck as I continue my journey toward Katahdin 🙂

I passed 1,200 miles!

I’ve enjoyed hiking with a few new people: Spoons, Airbud, Gummy Bear, Peanut, and Chickadee.

I’ve savored the PA views that feel few and far between.

Now I’m at mile 1220 and never thought I would say this, but I’m excited to get to New Jersey!

If my trail name wasn’t already “Rocket” I think it would be “Fruit Salad” or something like that because what I crave most on trail is FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT! I’ve started packing out at least 2 pounds of apples, bananas, mangos, oranges, etc. and it’s always worth it!

My favorite lunch recipe thus far is a wrap with: Hickory smoked tuna, sharp cheddar cheese, parmesan garlic Snyders pretzel pieces and avocado 🙂 Avocados keep surprisingly well in the heat!

I appreciate all of the continued support and words of encouragement! Though PA has been my least favorite state so far, I anticipated the challenge and am still as determined as ever as I continue toward Katahdin!

– Rocket

8 thoughts on “Pennsylvania is TOUGH!

  1. Shelley Keelor

    Keep going. And kick those rocks out of harms way! (PS- I didn’t like the Pa theatre scene either so maybe it’s just that state;))
    Aunt Shell

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jim Keelor

    Thanks again for the calls to check on GPK. Re: PA being tough..isn’t its nickname ” PA-the KeySTONE state?” Now u know. Take it easy greasy..u r doing fine.



    1. Farid K Popal

      Interesting and, encouraging note. Didn’t know PA was so rocky.
      All the very best wishes for the remaining miles ahead!


  3. Hi Rocky! I am catching up on your Pennsylvania rocky journey. Looking at your pictures I better understand your rock comments and can appreciate how much more difficult this trail is to hike. It’s good to know you are doing well and hanging in there on the difficult days. You have every reason to be so proud of yourself and what you have and will accomplish and learn on this journey. I so enjoy your posts and looking forward to the next one! Beverly


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