Officially past halfway!

Two days ago I passed the 1096 mile marker! I have officially hiked half of the Appalachian Trail! It feels like I was just deciding what pack I wanted…time has completely flown by!

Yesterday morning a bunch of my friends attempted the half gallon ice cream challenge (you eat the container in the picture below plus another pint of ice cream). I enjoyed the free early morning entertainment, but was too much of a baby to give it a try.

Today I did a short day into Boiling Springs, PA. This was my first Nero (nearly zero mile) day in a while, so it feels nice to relax. I got some good food in the tiny town and then headed to Lisa’s hostel – the only hostel in town, situated in a renovated shed behind Lisa’s house. It’s simple, cozy, has a warm shower and shelter from the rainy day. There are loaner clothes here to wear while we do our laundry and I had no clue putting on a cotton hoodie for the first time in almost 3 months would feel SO GOOD! Before heading to bed, we are sitting here watching the movie Gettysburg. I’ve never seen it, so it’s crazy to be seeing this movie for the first time, having just hiked through some of the places where battles took place. In just a few miles I go through Carlisle, PA.

Lately I have been very conscious of SLOWING DOWN and letting the day unfold naturally. I take my time in the morning, hike only the miles that I feel like hiking, and stop if I feel like stopping. I recently sent home almost 3 pounds worth of weight, so I bought a book at Walmart to help me relax at night. I was finding myself less inclined to read books that were downloaded on my phone, so I’m happy to have this luxury item.

I’m so grateful for this experience so far and appreciate every day out here more and more, taking nothing for granted.

– Rocket

7 thoughts on “Officially past halfway!


    Sydney,  We have so enjoyed your blogs…so proud that you are doing so well.  A true life experience. Loaner clothes and eating in your rain gear while doing laundry make it so real.  Very proud of you.  Jan and Chad Mueller,  your mom’s newcomer friends.  Stay strong.  Katodin will be beautiful.  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  2. stacyreichert

    Keep seeking new heights in this adventure of your lifetime, my very special daughter! Reach for new meaning everyday, around every corner and love what you find in yourself as you cherish all that this life has to offer. With Love, Mom

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