Quick update from mile 870

I’ve become decent at multi tasking while hiking: brushing my teeth, taking my coat off, looking at my phone, eating, etc. Why not try blogging while hiking? Ignore the brevity and typos.

Trail Days was a great experience; I’m glad I went back to Damascus for it. Fun to reunite with old trail friends, talk to gear companies, and meet some notable thru-hikers. During the parade there were way too many men in thrift shop dresses.

We camped next to this rattlesnake for a bit.

We got a hitch to Devil’s Backbone Brewery for camping and showers with the help of Floyd – a local dog who likes to wander off onto the AT. His owner gets called all the time and offered to drive us after we called him about Floyd. Floyd drooled a lot on Wildcard.

I ate the second biggest cinnamon roll of my life in Waynesboro (first biggest was in Gatlinburg).

We sat in the parking lot of Kroger after resupplying and ate pints of ice cream. True hiker trash. I felt like puking after half a pint, so the half gallon challenge isn’t looking so great anymore.

Last night we made the spontaneous decision to stay the night at Basic City Brew – a brewery that offers hikers a shower and backyard to tent in. Only caveat is you have to purchase one beer.

We also did some hiking too…only 30 miles until 900!

We are in the Shenandoah now and in a couple days we plan to aqua blaze. Go backward and canoe three days of the miles we have already hiked!


2 thoughts on “Quick update from mile 870

  1. tarafromtampa

    Love your posts
    I was thinking about you and praying for you at Mass today
    Such a great adventure
    So thrilled for you
    Get it Rocket


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