Mile 136.7 – NOC!

Made it to the Nantahala Outdoor Center yesterday! My tramily booked a cabin to stay in last night and I camped down by the river with another hiker Duck Hole and some of his tramily. Duck Hole is a flip flop hiker, meaning he hiked about 1700 miles of the north end of the trail last year and is now finishing up the southern part of the trail. Duck Hole’s tramily from the initial half of his hike drove to meet us yesterday and help us do a cheaper resupply at Ingles than the expensive general store at the NOC 🙂

Here we were also able to print our Smokey Mountain National parks passes, get some awesome food, and we even got beer trail magic while we were sitting down by the river yesterday!

Last night was the warmest so far, around 48 degrees; being at lower elevation definitely makes it warmer. We have continued to be super lucky with the weather!

We are making awesome time, so are probably only doing 6 miles up Jacob’s ladder today and camping up there to enjoy the views!

Physically, I’m doing pretty well aside from a few blisters that I’m working on healing.

I’m loving this new lifestyle!

– Rocket

3 thoughts on “Mile 136.7 – NOC!

  1. Mary T Ortiz

    Just saw I can post a comment
    I’ve been following your great adventure
    Sooooooo excited for you
    Yikes on those blisters
    Healing prayers for them
    May our Lord continue to watch over
    you and your tramily

    St. Bernard of Montjoux Prayer
    (Patron of Hikers)

    You have given us
    Saint Bernard
    to be the patron of those
    who live amongst the mountains,
    and for those who travel across them.
    Protect us by his prayers,
    and grant that as we strive
    to climb in his footsteps,
    we may reach the summit,
    who is Christ, living and
    reigning with You and
    the Holy Spirit,
    One God, forever and ever


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