Resupply in Hiawassee!

We’re at mile 62 (I think) and doing great! We hiked 7 miles this morning and got a ride into town about 12 miles down the road, but not before we were surprised with amazing trail magic!! A former 2003 thru-hiker named Switchback and his family grilled cheeseburgers, hotdogs and had a whole spread of snacks! People like this make the trail community an amazing thing to be part of!

In town we resupplied at Ingles, got LOTS of food and some beer at a local pub, did laundry, hung out with other thru-hikers, then got Dairy Queen 🙂 I went to DQ in my rain clothes while all the rest of my clothes were drying. We’re headed to an all you can eat hiker breakfast tomorrow then back into the mountains. We eat A LOT. Shooting for a 9 mile day tomorrow to cross the GA/NC border!

Aside from some blisters and a few aches here and there, everyone is doing great!

We have seriously lucked out on the weather this first week! Rain is in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday, but looking good again after that. So far, I can genuinely say everyone I have met out here is insanely happy and having the time of their lives! Let’s see if the rain changes that…

I’m realizing these posts are very scatter brained but there’s so much to say, so little phone battery, so little service, and so much to do! Sorry no pictures this time – taking forever to upload!

4 thoughts on “Resupply in Hiawassee!

  1. Farid K Popal

    A Big hello and huge hug, Sydney.

    My family and I are delighted to know all is going well!
    The like of Switchback is makes this country great.
    Keep going. I am sure you will carry these memories for the rest of your much longer life!
    If and when it gets tougher, remember what Winston Churchill ones said “if you are going through hell, keep going”.

    We are rooting for your safe, joyful and successful finish and reunion with Stacy and Danny in May.

    Roukia, Farid
    Hewad, Imran and Sohaib


  2. Tracy

    Hi Rocket,
    I am a friend of your mom and am excited to be a part of your adventure (virtually). Thank you for sharing – it is educational and inspiring! We are rooting you on!

    Tracy Foster


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