Nothin’ to see here, BEARS!

Hanging a bear bag is deceptively quite a pain in the ass, but something I will want to do most nights. That said, if you ever find yourself needing to hang your food from potential bears, here’s my strategy:

Said kit ^^
  1. Get your bear hanging accoutrements. You will need a loooong rope, carabiner, small rock bag and food bag. I’m using the Zpack bear bagging kit.
Said knot ^^

2. Tie one end of rope to carabiner. A bowline knot seems like a good option.

Rock bag can be substituted with filled water bottle, shoe, anything heavy

3. Attach carabiner to rock bag and fill bag with some…you guessed it…rocks!

4. Find a relatively sturdy branch about 12-15 feet off the ground and not super close to your tent.

Try keeping unused end of rope organized to avoid tangling

5. WARNING: POTENTIAL FOR EMBARRASSMENT! Now “simply” throw the rock bag over the branch (if five failed attempts and a rock almost hitting you on the head is simple). It’s a good idea to make sure you aren’t standing on rope when you throw it.


6. Take rock bag off carabiner and replace with food bag, then lift food bag up.

You may want to weigh down spare rope so a raccoon or other creature doesn’t come mess with it.

7. Now find something located diagonally from hanging food bag (not directly under). Make sure it is heavy enough to counteract weight of bag. Tie the rope to this, making sure there is little slack so bag doesn’t slide down. In this case I used a grill, but rocks, branches, tables are all good options.

Begone bears!

And that’s how to hang your bear bag!

Here’s a handy way to store the rope so it doesn’t get tangled up. Wrap it in a figure eight through your fingers and clip carabiner to hold together.

Special shout-out to the park manager who kicked me out because the campgrounds were technically closed. Not a single other person in the park, but he said I would “attract too many campers.” Glad to know my bear bag hanging is that intriguing!

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