Top Ten Thru-hiking Tips

I have found a lot of comfort in gathering as many thru-hiking tips as possible. It’s reassuring to hear other hikers address aspects of the hike I anticipate to be most challenging. I have read, listened to, and watched videos of experienced thru-hikers as well as 2019 AT hikers who have only been on trail for a few days. I have hiked exactly zero miles thus far, so I can take exactly zero credit for these tips – you’re welcome 🙂 Here’s a list of ten tips I will remind myself of during my thru-hike:

  1. Never quit on a bad day
  2. Learn to rest, not to quit
  3. Remember your why
  4. Don’t sweat gear picks too much (“It’s the Indian, not the arrow”)
  5. Don’t pack your fears
  6. Hike your own hike
  7. Hike for today, not tomorrow
  8. Slow down
  9. Keep a daily journal
  10. Take pictures of people, not only nature

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