I’m singin’ in the woods

Though I’m looking forward to a technology detox (and can surely use one), having music on the trail is very important to me. Until I’m actually hiking it, I can only imagine how my trail experience will unfold. I picture myself hiking some days without touching my phone, only listening to the sounds of nature, while other days I’ll want to drown out the sound of rain with some King Princess or need an extra push up a mountain courtesy of Arctic Monkeys.

I plan to be very conscious of limiting my phone use (and the lack of charging stations outdoors will encourage this), but music is a huge motivator for me and I look forward to listening in an environment other than my car, bedroom or office.

Service will be spotty, so here are some playlists I’ve been putting together for the trail:

When I’m in the mood to hear some of my favorites. This playlist will get me up the next 1,000 feet of elevation: https://open.spotify.com/user/reichesj/playlist/6xNKJOO4dpjRxDna3hAKr0?si=rbH3RRNHTnyvEolg7cD8Kg

For times I’m relaxed walking through the woods, by the campfire, or in my tent. These are slower, mellow songs: https://open.spotify.com/user/reichesj/playlist/4aVRqH3VawJ9dNeVs9hUtV?si=HKqOTcXbRwi6I7_RcXIyNw

Breaking this one out for any bear encounters. Obnoxious songs you can’t resist singing along to. Sing these and the bears will have to stay away: https://open.spotify.com/user/reichesj/playlist/6P9gHW2i3RPxhSK0Y4HuRu?si=GsREdDxnS2KejX_2NqubjQ

Let’s hope this one pushes the rents to do a few more miles when they meet me out there. Classic oldies but goodies: https://open.spotify.com/user/reichesj/playlist/1hUl0D3WHiuoc336aaWtAX?si=bdYgzQ8mSmC8548TDkSZYg

For the inevitable rough days. Sometimes you just want to listen to downer music when you’re already down. Why is that?https://open.spotify.com/user/reichesj/playlist/3TUPxOHjS82Jd47ZvDeF4O?si=n28YuvQLSG2teanBYXXHnw

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