Hello blogging world!

This blogging thing is new to me, so here’s a “test” post.

I am unsure what my posting cadence will be. Rather than committing to a schedule (weekly, monthly, every state), I hope to write whenever I feel inspired. This may be sharing an exciting moment, a thought, the challenges of trail life, mistakes as I get acclimated to a new lifestyle (I’ve made quite a few already in my preparation), people I meet, etc. I hope to find myself writing about unique trail experiences I want to remember for a long time!

If you are curious what inspired me to pursue this thru-hike, take a look at “The Idea to Thru-Hike” tab 🙂

Happy reading! If you have any questions about thru-hiking or my experience in general, please reach out either on the Contact Me tab or my cell. I would love to pay-it-forward to any aspiring thru-hikers as I have already experienced such kindness, generosity and support from the thru-hiking community!

I apologize in advance for any typos. All posting while on trail will be done on my handy dandy iPhone.

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